The best Residential Solar Shades in Orlando, Florida

Residential solar shades treatment

No matter where you live in Florida, the environment is either hot, hot, or hotter.
With such weather variables, homes require year-round solar control.

Our shades used in Orlando Florida, in Summer times


During seasonal heat, rooms should be kept cool. And when temperatures begin to drop outside, provisions for keeping warm indoors take center stage. In Orlando one of our clients required more freshness in their home. TintXperts found the solution for his home.

At TintXperts we offer the best option with SunSational Shades that suits those who want to enjoy comfort by offering shades made with Phifer SheerWeave Performance Plus fabrics.

Our solar shades not only provide homes with energy efficiency and the utmost comfort, but also unlimited custom upgrades to suit any home décor.

In Windermere, Florida


Your Home Deserves the Best Treatment

  • Significant reduction of solar heat gain in any color.
  • Glare reduction in light colors.
  • Advanced thermal performance.
  • Greater outward visibility in light colors.
  • Unlimited customized design options.

By combining Phifer’s SheerWeave fabrics with highly reflective metalized coating, the ultimate level for sun control protection is achieved. Fabricated with such impressive materials, can pamper every home, everywhere.

Not only do window treatments help control the amount of UV rays and sunlight that enter your home, they preserve your floors, walls, and furniture as well.

In Florida the constant exposure to sunlight can fade wood floods, furniture, and paint. Many window treatments allow for total control of how much sunlight enters your home.

More Benefits

tintxperts ourdesignes
  • Reduce heat, glare, and UV rays without blocking views.
  • Antimicrobial fabric resists bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • SheerWeave fabric allows you to choose your desired visibility “openness”.
  • Custom tailored to fit any size/shape windows.
  • Choose soft or eye-popping designs to beautify rooms.
  • Unmatched customer support via on-site or video conferencing.

If you like in the Orlando, Florida area and have any questions about our solar shades, processes and printable products, please contact us (407) 714-0659.

We’re a family operated business that takes a personal approach, so we’ll be happy to help with your enquiries.

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