Artificial Grass Protection

The use of artificial grass has been steadily increasing across the United States. According to a report by the Synthetic Turf Council, the growth rate has been of approximately 15-20% per year, making Florida one of the top states for synthetic turf with about 10.6 million square feet of artificial turf installed.

The popularity of artificial grass in Orlando and surrounding areas has been influenced by factors such as water conservation initiatives, climate patterns, and the availability of low-maintenance landscaping options.

Due to the hot and humid climate in the area, maintaining a natural grass lawn can be challenging as it requires a lot of water and maintenance to keep it looking healthy. Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires minimal maintenance and can withstand the high temperatures and heavy rainfall that are common in the Orlando area. It doesn’t require watering, mowing, or fertilizing, which can save homeowners time and money in the long term.

Temperature reading on artificial turf due to direct glare from windows behind the house.

The problem with artificial grass

Despite being a great option for residential buildings in Orlando, artificial grass can still suffer from damage due to the intense heat created by reflected sunlight from windows. That effect is exacerbated by the use of double-glazed windows, more and more common in new buildings to fulfill the requirements of the new building codes.

New building codes in Orlando, Florida require more energy-efficient windows for constructions. This is why many builders are choosing to install double-pane windows, which feature two panes of glass separated by a layer of insulating gas.

Double-pane windows offer better insulation than single-pane windows, which can help to reduce energy costs and improve indoor comfort. Additionally, they are also installing low-E coatings on their windows, which can further improve their energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heat that is transmitted through the glass.

Low-E coatings are typically made of a thin layer of metallic particles or other materials that reflect infrared radiation, which helps to keep a building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Such coatings can potentially cause damage to artificial grass because they can reflect a higher percentage of the sun’s rays onto nearby surfaces, including artificial grass. The reflected heat can cause the temperature of the grass to rise significantly leading to melting or discoloration of the artificial grass fibers. 

Temperature reading on artificial turf AFTER glare from window was treated with window tint.

We have the solution

You can prevent damage to artificial grass from reflected heat caused by high-efficient windows by installing exterior window tints which help reduce the amount of sunlight that reflects onto the grass.

Tint Xperts uses special films that can help reduce the temperature of the reflected light and prevent damage to artificial grass. By tinting your windows, we can minimize the amount of heat that is reflected onto your turf, helping to maintain its appearance and health. 

Our clear, undetectable films work by reducing the reflectivity of your windows, which in turn decreases the amount of glare and heat that is reflected back onto your grass. This means less reflectivity, less glare, and less temperature, which means no more melting grass. 

Our products are completely clear and won’t obstruct your view like other products in the market, which may have patterns or lines that detract from the overall look of your windows.

Other benefits of window tinting

By blocking out some of the sun’s UV rays and reducing the amount of heat that is absorbed by the turf, you can lower cooling costs and reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Our window tint solutions will help you get heat control and regulate cool temperature inside your residential building in Orlando, Florida. 

In summer, residential windows let in too much sun’s heat, while winters can be cold if you have bare glass as the only protection in your building. Our window films can insulate your home windows against excessive heat while allowing the entrance of natural light and the opportunity to enjoy the views. You can reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat that comes through your windows with the installation of a tinting solution. 

The use of window film for heat and glare reduction is the most affordable way to increase your family comfort indoors. And as this was not enough, the film is a great solution to make the space more energy efficient. You will notice the difference when the energy bill comes! By significantly reducing heating and cooling costs, you can obtain huge energy savings. 

Another benefit of our window tint solutions is the daytime privacy you get, creating safer spaces. You can install the film and feel more private and secure at home avoiding being on display to the view of neighbors or people walking down the street. 

You can create safer spaces getting, at the same time, a more aesthetic living space. And the best part is that you get more privacy without touching the appearance of the structure but still significantly improving the look of your home. We offer different decorative options to improve your house remaining bright but without glare.

If you are looking to protect your turf from damage caused by high temperatures of reflected light, while still enjoying a comfortable indoor environment in both summer and winter, then Tint Xperts has the perfect solution for you. Our window tints reduce glare, heat, and UV rays, protect your turf, save energy costs, and allow you to enjoy the outside views maintaining your privacy. Don’t wait any longer, call TintXperts now to find the best solution for your home in Orlando.

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Isabelle Watzinger
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Mark Green
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Scott Sturrup
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Katherine L. E. Hoyt
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Franco F
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Maria Schack
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Brian Dugan
Arturo and his team at TintXperts have been tremendous to work with! Arturo was polite, knowledgeable, and thorough. Taking whatever time my wife and I needed to review options and pleasantly going through each question with care that ultimately led to us purchasing from Arturo and partnering with TintXperts to provide our window tinting.And beyond the service up front, the delivery and installation was also superb! Arturo personally came out with the crew of TintXperts team members to complete the installation. They took great care and precision with our windows to create amazing results that truly make a difference. We love being able to see the full beauty of our windows, now that we can draw the shades and let the light in!Thank you, Arturo and the whole TintXperts team!!!
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Belkis Ricardo
We needed our office windows tinted and we decided to go with TintXperts which were recommended to us and they did not disappoint. They were very detailed and explained the entire process to me thoroughly. They were very organized and even tinted our offices during business hours with staff on site. I would definitely recommend using them for any tinting you may need in the future.
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Jennifer Disch
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