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Stay cool without having to turn on the air conditioning

Florida Summer is to enjoy the sun and heat, but unfortunately that heat follows you home in Florida and cities around. Before you know it, you need to turn on the air conditioner. Especially during the summer month, this happens frequently, with some consequences like our electric bills increase a lot.

TintXperts has some tips for you to keep your home cool without resorting to air conditioning:

Why does the heat increase in our houses in Summer times?


Windows brighten the room, offer fantastic views and add elegance to the décor.

Unfortunately, they also allow solar radiation to enter a home.

Heat builds up and cannot escape, so rooms can become very hot and stuffy.

To combat this we turn to air conditioning, which will keep us comfortable in the short term, but our wallets are going to suffer.

Alternative options to air conditioning

Believe it or not, running your air conditioner isn’t the only way to cool your home.

One way to do this is by hanging curtains. Although that’s an option, not all windows are suitable for curtains – those skylights or accent windows around your door also add to your energy bill. The key to using less cooling energy is preventing sunlight from entering your home.

In Florida one of our customer were looking for more options. He contacted TintXperts and our team seat the solution for him.


TintXperts’ solar window tinting is a hassle-free option

1. Does not consume energy while blocking sunlight

2. Prevents heat build-up: a win-win solution.

3. The films can be applied to any window, require little maintenance and block up to 63% of the heat, without obstructing the view or darkening the room.

4. This means that you may not have to turn on the air conditioner at all.

Solar Window Tinting comes in a variety of different options, all of which will give your home a clean, modern look. Keep your windows, enjoy the sun, make your summer more comfortable, and use your air conditioner less.

In these hot summer months, TintXperts offers you some options to turn to before resorting to air conditioning. In Orlando, Florida homeowners reduce the heat in their homes every day and the energy bills decrease due to less the use of Air Conditioning.

Residential Solar Window Tinting is a great option for Orlando, FL homeowners who are looking to make their homes more comfortable and keep their spaces cooler.

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