Sun Control Commercial Window Tints in Orlando, Florida

At Tint Xperts, we are professional installers of the best sun control commercial window tints for your commercial properties in Orlando, Florida. Our products can help reduce the temperature inside your building during the summer, but also they are one of the best options to block harmful UV rays.

In commercial buildings, workers are exposed to UV radiation which can be very harmful if you don’t have tints on the windows. Solar radiation penetrates the place and, over time, repeated exposure can affect people’s health. 

Access to natural light is a valuable feature for any commercial building, but getting direct sun all day in a city like Orlando, where temperatures can reach up to 91 degrees in summer, makes it mandatory to find a window tinting solution. And at Tint Xperts, we have the best sun control commercial window tint options for you.

As we all know, Florida is one of the warmest states in the United States. In this context, window tinting has become very popular among homeowners, building owners and commercial properties. You cannot focus on work or enjoy yourself at the office if you and your team are suffering too much from heat. This alternative is usually a good choice, for example, to complement the air conditioning system.

Sun control commercial window tints have been designed for heat rejection. They are retrofitted to the glass to provide a cost-effective solution when internal temperatures are not the most desirable. You can have a more comfortable environment at your office since they provide heat reduction. Besides that, this kind of product also reduces glare and resolves a variety of issues.

No matter if your building is located downtown or in the surrounding areas, we can help you find the perfect fit for you. We are a team of experts who manage the best portfolio of window film brands and we can advise you on which technologies available on the market will attend in the best way to all your needs.

Leaders in tinting solutions for commercial buildings

Optimal Solutions for Varied Needs

At Tint Xperts, we provide a diverse range of solutions, each tailored to meet specific requirements in terms of appearance, grade, and level of heat rejection performance.


Understanding Sun Control Commercial Solar Window Films

Solar control films function by effectively reducing heat gain, preventing excess heat from infiltrating your building while still allowing natural light to filter through. This means that even on hot days, the interior never feels excessively hot.


How Sun Control Commercial Solar Window Tints Work

Upon application, the film adopts a reflective external appearance, deflecting a portion of solar energy before it penetrates the glass and contributes to internal temperature. This can impart a mirrored look to the exterior surface of the glass window, resulting in significant benefits such as providing an excellent one-way privacy solution.


Premium Products for Exceptional Performance

Each film we supply is a state-of-the-art product developed by our partners to deliver optimal performance and the longest useful life available on the market. Furthermore, our team of professionals installs them quickly and seamlessly, ensuring minimal disruption.


Comprehensive Consultation and Evaluation

In addition to installation, we offer consultation services and thoroughly evaluate various options with customers before reaching a final decision. Our portfolio includes products specifically designed to reduce heat and glare while ensuring privacy without the reflective silver appearance typical of regular metal films.

Exploring Window Film Options: Beyond 3M

Discovering Alternative Brands

When considering a commercial sun control window solution, many individuals turn to the extensive product portfolio of the 3M brand. While undeniably popular, exploring their options often leads them to realize the abundance of companies specializing in high-quality window films, prompting them to consider alternative brands.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

At Tint Xperts, we actively partner with industry-leading brands dedicated to producing superior window films for various purposes. Our lineup includes renowned names such as Xpel, Huper Optik, Edge, and Madico.

Innovative Solutions for Every Need

These companies lead the way in global window tint manufacturing, continually delivering innovative solutions including coatings, laminates, and metalizing products that exceed market expectations.

Enhancing Comfort and Protection

Our diverse selection of window tints addresses building concerns while actively enhancing safety, protection, and comfort, all while complementing the aesthetics and architectural style of the structure.

Guaranteed Longevity

As certified installers of the aforementioned brands, we offer window films with guaranteed longevity. Backed by a 10 to 15-year commercial warranty, our products ensure that when installed by a certified professional, interior window films maintain their solar reflective properties, adhesion, and protective capabilities. Additionally, the warranty may cover factors such as seal or glass failure and discoloration. Exterior window film installations are also covered by a 5-year warranty.

Investing in Long-Term Benefits

It’s important to note that our high-quality window film solutions are engineered to last for decades, making them a worthwhile investment for long-term benefits. Coupled with our exceptional installation service, our products deliver unmatched value.

Preserving Your Investment

Moreover, we provide proactive guidance on preserving your window films through proper maintenance practices. Utilizing cleaning products suitable for tinted windows and adhering to manufacturer instructions ensures the longevity and appearance of the films are preserved for years to come.

Unlocking Energy Savings: Harnessing the Power of Sun Control Films

Retaining Comfort Year-Round

Opting for a sun control commercial window film solution for your building windows empowers you to retain heat in winter and keep cool air in summer. By significantly reducing heating and cooling costs, these commercial films deliver substantial energy savings. They enhance insulation performance, effectively saving you money while ensuring year-round comfort.

Enhancing Efficiency and Aesthetics

Commercial Solar control window tints not only elevate the visual appeal of your building facilities but also act as valuable allies in energy savings. They can slash energy costs by up to 15%, enabling you to strike the perfect balance in indoor temperatures while boosting operational efficiency.

Combatting Summer Heat with Sun Control Commercial Solar Window Tints

During summer, nearly 25% of utility bill costs originate from the heat gained through office windows. By working with TintXperts to install window tints, you actively mitigate heat gains, keeping your building cool and reducing cooling expenses.

Choosing the Right Approach

Achieving success in energy conservation hinges on selecting the appropriate technologies to maximize profitability. While optimizing HVAC systems may seem like the obvious choice, initiating envelope upgrades can often serve as a prudent preliminary step.

Backed by Expertise

Recognized by the Department of Energy of the United States as a top-tier technology for energy conservation, window film offers swift payback, typically within three years. This endorsement underscores its effectiveness and underscores its potential to deliver tangible benefits.

At TintXperts we can help you create an energy-efficient building that results in HVAC improvements that can end in HVAC equipment downsizing in the future, for example, enabling you to reach the maximum possible performance of your systems.

Window tinting for commercial buildings in Orlando, Florida has endless benefits. With our extensive catalog of products, you will be able to choose the technology that best suits your business needs.

Remember, installing solar control films on your windows can not only enhance the appearance of your work space, but also add convenience, style and comfort. And not only that; this solution is cost-effective in the long run.

Now, you already know what a sun control window film offers: you can receive UV protection, it reduces glare, improves energy efficiency, and create a more comfortable environment inside your commercial building in Orlando, Florida. All these benefits while keeping the aesthetics of the space and without touching the architecture of the building.

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Jessica Reeves
Jessica Reeves
I cannot recommend Arturo and his team at TintXperts enough! When I called, I knew very little about tint for household windows. They were thorough in educating me on the tint options for my needs. They provided me with samples and answered all my questions without pushing any one product. During installation, the team was efficient, and their attention to detail was impeccable. Everyone from the company was professional, yet personable. Additionally, the value for the tint is unmatched as it is backed by a lifetime warranty. Thank you to Arturo and his team! I won’t hesitate to call them for future tinting needs!
Emilio Casado
Emilio Casado
Great work guys. Professional, quick service to tint some of our upstairs windows to reduce heat entering our home. Thanks again.
I have window walls 24' tall. The installation is quite difficult. Wonderful product professionally installed, excellent experience!
Tutu W
Tutu W
Arturo and his team exemplify utmost professionalism, delivering impeccable results on our large window panel project. Arturo's responsiveness is commendable; he promptly visited our home after receiving my inquiry, took precise measurements, presented a range of samples, and provided a detailed quote. His team executed the job flawlessly, leaving no mess or debris behind. My experience with Arturo and his team has been exceptionally positive. Highly recommended!!!
Great experience from initial consultation to installation. Everyone that I had contact with was professional and courteous. Jared was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He did a great job including clean up.
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey
Arturo was great. Very professional and explained everything out very easily. Sadly I had to put the job on hold but I will be having them install my tint soon.
Julia K
Julia K
Supremely professional with an all round attention to detail including how the staff present themselves. It’s a five star service with great results - saving on my AC bills with a cooler house - and all for a very reasonable price. I totally recommend this company.
Great company - technicians are top notch and very knowledgeable/professional. Liked them so much - have used them twice and will a third time!
Joanna Baker
Joanna Baker
I can't say enough great things about TintXperts! From the initial consultation with Arturo to the professionalism of their installers we are raving fans! Not only is their customer service above and beyond, their tint changed our home to be the haven we always dreamed of! Thank you TintXperts!!!!
Marie Valdes
Marie Valdes
They did their job with expertise, professionalism and yet stayed friendly and cooperative. Thejob was clean; they also left the rooms clean.