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Make your current space more comfortable & energy efficient

TintXperts is a full-service commercial window tinting provider of sun control films, privacy films, security films and decorative frost films. We are focused on making your current space more comfortable and we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service experience on all projects.

Services We Offer

residential frosted

Frosted Residential Window Film

Translucent film that can be installed over glass surfaces like windows, walls or partitions to increase privacy adding a decorative touch to your residential building.


Frosted Commercial Window Film

Frosted window film is a translucent film that can be installed over glass surfaces like windows, walls or partitions to increase privacy, adding a decorative touch.
Decorative cover

Decorative Office Window Tinting

There are a lot of different types of decorative films on the market, and we can help you define which of all fits best with your needs.

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Benefits of Decorative & Custom Graphics

  • Makes your home or office more private and stylish with decorative film. Options include frosted film, gradient film, geometric shapes, patterns, different colors, and custom graphics!

  • Easily retrofit existing glass with an array of patterns that complement any décor.

  • Create private, interior glass spaces while still welcoming in light.

  • Block up to 98% of damaging ultraviolet rays

  • Reduce glare for more comfortable work and home environments.

  • Hold glass together in the event of an accident and provide an excellent solution to make glass sliding doors more visible.

Decorative Office Design

Transform your Office with Decorative Window Film!
Decorative window film can provide privacy with style. The use of decorative window film imaginatively creates vast possibilities for a work office that shines. Choose from a variety of frosted window films or custom designs to enhance your office.

TintXperts has many decorative window tint solutions for offices and conference rooms in Orlando, FL. Here are a few ideas that include design privacy, frost privacy bands, gradient designs, color integration and more.

Privacy for bathrooms & front doors

TintXperts has helped many customers in Orlando, Clermont, Winter Garden and other areas here in Central Florida, with privacy solutions for their bathrooms and front doors. Mirror film provides privacy during the day but NOT at night when lights inside the house are ON. Decorative window film in an alternative when looking to have privacy both day and night without blocking light transmission.

Privacy frost film for dental office

TintXperts has worked with many dental groups in Orlando, Winter Garden, Kissimmee and other areas in Central Florida. Most dental practices want to privacy for their customers and employees. Frost Film is a great way to add privacy and character to any office space. We can incorporate your business logo and text into any Frost Film design. Contact Us for a Free Estimate.

Vetrilite - Custom graphic designs

TinTxperts is proud to be an appointed Dealer with Vetrilite.

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What is Vetrilete?

  • Vetrilite is a one step decorative glass product that is easy to apply over any type of glass.

  • Vetrilite’s process was created by combining proprietary software, digital imaging and 3d technology to create a unique overlay laminate.

  • Vetrilite art glass designs are created with multiple textures and patterns all on one overlay laminate.

  • We have a library of standard designs to choose from which can be customized to your specifications at a standard width and height.

  • Custom designs and logos can be created to accommodate high end customers.

  • Custom colors can be added to the design to create interesting colorful designs.

  • Overlay leading can be added to create an additional illusion of actual stained glass.
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Entryway and Front Doors

Transform your Front Doors with Decorative Window Film!
Front Doors are the focal point of a House, the first architectural feature a guest sees and passersby notice. It makes that memorable first impression and sets the tone for what visitors can expect to see inside the home.

Transform your Front Doors with a custom design that will enhance the decor of your House and adds privacy.

Vetrilite custom entryway gallery.

HGTV Article: Maximum Value Home Exterior Projects: Front Doors

Gallery & Designs

Here are just a few examples of the many designs we have available! These designs can be adapted to fit any size door, windows, and any other type of glass panels. We can create designs with different types of textures with or without color for projects big and small.

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