House Window Tinting for Heat Rejection in Windermere, Florida

Benefits of Ceramic Window Tinting for your House!

There are many benefits to house window tinting! Some homeowners are hesitant about window tint for their homes because they don’t want to make theirs rooms too dark and because they dislike the traditional mirror & silver appearance of some window films. It is true that traditional films tend to be more reflective with a mirror external appearance.

A local family in Windermere, Florida had been living in the townhouse for a few years. The house features several sets of windows in the master bedroom as well as in the living room and family area. Because the house faces South West, it gets directs sun throughout the day. Even though all the windows are double pane with low-e coating, the owners felt uncomfortable with the extra heat.

window tinting windermere a8
Townhouse in Windermere, Florida
Living Room and Family area with 7 windows facing South West (5 Windows pictured)
Double Pane Low-E Windows.

The homeowners were looking for house window tinting that doesn’t block too much natural light. Their second request was for a house window tint that would not look silver or have an exterior mirror appearance. After our consultation, the owners chose a house window tinting option from Huper Optik line of Ceramic Films. Ceramic Films have no metals therefor they are significantly less reflective than traditional reflective films. Ceramic films for house window tinting come in different shades of clarity from 30% up to 70% in light transmission.

TintXperts installed Huper Optik Ceramic 45, which allows for plenty natural light to come through while still rejecting 99% of UV Light, 76% of Infrared Heat and 60% of Total Heat (55% on Double Pane Windows). This film has an exterior reflectivity of only 14% (12% on single pane windows) and does not have a mirror effect. Another benefit of ceramic window tinting for your house is that the film has no dyes in them so they will never fade.

If you are looking for house window tinting in Windermere, FL, TintXperts has many solutions and many options, including a wide array of Ceramic Films. Please contact us at (407) 714-0659 and we’ll be happy to help you.

window tinting windermere a2
Huper Optik Ceramic 45 – Exterior Look on Double Pane Windows – No Mirror / No Silver appearance. Curtains behind windows are clearly visible.
window tinting windermere a3
Thoroughly Cleaning Windows before installation
window tinting windermere a4
window tinting windermere a4
window tinting windermere a5
Natural views looking out – All Panels Tinted!
window tinting windermere a6
Exterior View – All Panels Tinted.
*Noticed the non-mirror appearance and that you can see the blinds behind the window

Privacy Window Tint

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to open the blinds or curtains during the day, but you still want some privacy, then you are well-oriented. Window tint is a great option to have daytime privacy, open the blinds, let in more natural light, and have privacy during the day.

You can make yourself and your family feel more private and secure at home avoiding being on display to the view of neighbors or people walking down the street. Also, you can create safer spots getting, at the same time, a more aesthetic living space without touching the appearance of the structure. 

Reflective or mirrored window films will provide you with daytime privacy and allow you, at the same time, to keep the sliding door blinds open. This way, you block the visibility from the outside but still enable access to natural light.

The higher exterior reflectivity of these kinds of films creates a one-way mirror look that provides privacy during the day. Watch clearly to the outside without being seen inside your home!

You can also install frosted window films, which have different levels of opacity or transparency providing various levels of privacy in the different rooms of your house. You can use this type of film, for example, for bathrooms. Frosted window films at residential buildings are a good option to enjoy brighter, more open spaces without having to worry about privacy. 

res exterior 09
res exterior 08

Save on Energy Bills

Maybe you are thinking about reducing your energy costs by installing a more efficient solution to keep your house cool in summer. Does tinting your windows work to reduce your energy bills? The answer is yes: By using the appropriate window tint, you can reject unwanted heat and save on electric bills.

By retaining cool air in summer you can significantly reduce cooling costs obtaining huge energy savings. You can get increased insulation performance which will help you reduce by up to 15% your energy costs if you create an energy-efficient residential building.

Solar window film helps reduce heat without blocking the view or reducing the amount of natural light as undesired outcomes.

res exterior 25
Exposure to direct sunlight can cause discoloration of many materials within your house.
res exterior 03

Glare Reduction, UV, and Fading Protect

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the constant fading of your furniture, artworks and floor, a tinting solution is also a good choice, since it blocks harmful UV rays and protects against fading. 

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause discoloration of many materials within your house. Wood, for example, is extremely vulnerable to sunlight fading. UV light, visible light, and heat are responsible for 90% of the cases of fading, where UV light contributes 40% of the color fading process. 

You can prevent fading with window tinting film for your home windows. Getting window film installed on your windows will reject 99% of solar ultraviolet light and 98% of solar heat because it is composed of ultraviolet absorbers. 

Finally, if you are feeling that too much sun is coming through the windows affecting your vision, a window tint solution will also help. You can control excessive light and still enjoy the light without the discomfort of glare. Don’t close your curtains to avoid too much light entering your home anymore!

Now that you have confirmed all the benefits of window tinting, what are you waiting to request your quote and make the most of all the spaces of your home in Orlando, Florida without worrying about heat, glare, fading, or keeping your privacy? Contact Tint Xperts and we will help you find the best solution for you.

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