Commercial Window Tinting for Storefront in Orlando, Florida

Heat Rejection and Privacy Window Tinting for Storefront

The owner of Early Education Station, a local childcare and preschool in Orlando, Florida, was looking for a solution for their new campus. The owner was looking for commercial window tinting that would help them with heat rejection and daytime privacy for all of their student’s classrooms.

Storefront – Before Picture

com exterior 16
Before Picture – Non of the windows have tint.

After our initial consultation, we tinted the entire storefront using commercial window tinting company Veloce’s Dark Neutral 15, which is a solar window film that provides heat rejection and UV protection, as well as enhanced daytime privacy.

The owner of the preschool did not want commercial window tint with a silver or shiny mirror appearance. Dark Neutral 15 is a window film that features a dusky smoke, black exterior finish.

Storefront Window Tinting – Orlando, Florida

com exterior 11

Another benefit of commercial window tinting is the reduction in glare and UV protection inside the building. This preschool building faces South and gets direct sunlight and unwanted glare through most parts of the day. After installing commercial window tinting, all rooms inside are protected from harmful UV rays and unwarted glare. 

Storefront Window Tinting – Orlando, Florida – Unwanted Glare

com interior 11
com interior 13

In the end, the owner of this Orlando preschool was very happy with her window tinting results and to have her building and students protected from the sun with enhanced daytime privacy.

If you are looking for commercial window tinting for your storefront or office, TintXperts has many solutions and a wide variety of window films for many type of applications. Please contact us at (407) 714-0659 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Commercial Window Tinting – Orlando, Florida

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