Commercial Window Tinting for Valencia College in Orlando, Florida

Heat Rejection and Glare Reduction Commercial Window Tinting for Valencia College

Valencia College was looking for a commercial window tinting solution for their Center for Accelerated Training campus in downtown Orlando, FL. The students and faculty teachers would experience unwanted glare and excess heat coming through their classroom windows during the morning.

Commercial Window Tinting – Orlando, Florida

com exterior 10

After obtaining approval from the City of Orlando, Valencia College decided to install Huper Optik Ceramic 50 for heat and glare reduction. Huper Optik Ceramic 50 is a dual layered, nano-ceramic, solar window film that blocks 53% of the sun’s total heat and reduces glare by 41%. In addition to that, Huper Optik Ceramic 50 has no dyes or metals and features very low interior and external reflectivity at only 10%.

Commercial Window Tinting – Orlando, Florida

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Another benefit of commercial window tinting is the protection from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays), which are blocked by 99%. After our installation, students and teachers inside were able to enjoy a more comfortable space, with less glare on their computer and projector screens and less heat coming through their windows.

Commercial Window Tinting – Orlando, FL – Comparison – Unwanted Glare

orlando commercial window tinting V3
orlando commercial window tinting V4
Right glass panel has tint – Left glass panel has not tint.

If you are looking for commercial window tinting in Orlando, for your business or office, TintXperts has many solutions and a wide variety of window films for many type of applications. Please contact us at (407) 714-0659 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Commercial Window Tinting – Orlando, Florida

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