7 Benefits of Commercial Decorative Window Tinting in Orlando, Florida

Bring custom design to your office space

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Decorative window tinting film has become a major design trend for renovating commercial office spaces in Orlando, Florida. Replacing interior walls with glass for offices, large rooms, entryways, and lobbies can redirect natural light throughout, reducing dependency on artificial lighting and cutting energy costs. Natural sunlight has also been proven to boost our natural energy through an increase of Vitamin D, which is always a plus for employee productivity.

In Orlando, Winter Garden, Clermont and many other cities around Central Florida, decorative window tinting film has many benefits to maximize the investment as a trending in decoration. Let’s see more of them.

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Example of Integrate Branding Element

  • Limitless Options for Office Décor 
    While custom glass panels can be expensive and have limitations, using custom decorative tinting films enable you to achieve a nearly unlimited number of options at a fraction of the price of custom glass. You can select decorative tinting film to customize your space with unique designs, prints, or patterns, including styles that resemble cut or textured glass. Decorative window film can transform plain glass into a integrated design element in the space.

  • Incorporate Business Logo and Brand
    Decorative window tinting film enables you to incorporate company logos or brand designs on windows or glass panels, such as office doors, or partitions.

  • Affordable Investment
    Decorative window tinting film allows you to attain the look of custom glass at a fraction of the cost. It is also easily removable if your needs ever change, whereas custom glass would require the glass panel to be changed out again.

  • Enhanced Privacy
    Installing decorative window tinting film provides an extra level of privacy without darkening the space. Customized options for frost, tint, or colored window film at various opacity levels and textures give you the privacy you need without sacrificing natural light. We have installed a variety of decorative tinting films for privacy in Orlando, Winter Garden, Clermont and many other cities around Central Florida.

  • Simple to Clean
    Decorative window tinting film is easily maintained by cleaning with an ammonia free solution like Sprayway and a microfiber cloth. See our article here for more details on how to maintain your window film. The benefit of decorative window film over custom glass is there are no grooves and deep texturized surfaces that build up dust, dirty and oils over time which require much more detailed cleaning.

  • Reduces Glare
    Direct Sunlight coming in through your office windows and doors creates glare on computer and television screens making the screens difficult to read or watch. Offices resort to blinds that block out natural light causing the need for alternative light sources. Our decorative window tinting film decreases glare giving your office a more comfortable environment.

  • Protect your Office Furniture and Employees from Damaging UV Rays
    In the Metro and Suburb Orlando area, we are very well accustomed to direct heat. Sunlight can fade our furniture and office décor, as well as expose employees to harmful UV rays. Window film filters up to 99% of harmful UV rays, so you can have confidence your office is protected.
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Example of Frosted Panel Glass Film
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Window Tinting Frost Bands
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Example of Frosted Panel Window Tinting – Bottom Design

In Conclusion

If you plan to renovate your office space in Orlando, Florida, then you should consider decorative window tinting film so you can enjoy natural light, maximize privacy, and add an extra level of protection for your employees and furniture.

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