Privacy and Decorative Window Tinting for Dentist Office in Winter Garden, Florida

Winter Garden Smiles approached TintXperts in order to find window tinting film solutions for their new dentist office in Winter Garden, Florida. The owners were looking to add privacy for their patient rooms and to increase heat rejection inside their office. They also wanted to add decorative window film in order to add interior privacy to their office panels and interior lobby doors.

Solar and Privacy Window Film

After our initial consultation and after testing a few alternatives, they decided on Veloce Blend 27 for the entire perimeter of the dentist office. This solar window tinting film provides 61% of Heat Rejection and daytime privacy while allowing plenty of natural light through the windows. The exterior reflectivity of this tinting film is high enough to provide daytime privacy without having a very silver or shiny appearance, which was very important to the owners.

com interior 22
Veloce Blend 27 technology allows for high heat rejection and privacy while letting natural light through your windows.
Veloce Blend 27 rejects 61% of Solar Energy.
Left Panel Tinted – Right Panel Clear Glass
com interior 21
Heat Rejection Window Film. All panels have tint.

Decorative Window Film, Frost and Logos

The second part of the project included tinting the interior office panels and doors as well as the main lobby doors. The owners of Winter Garden Smiles wanted to incorporate their logo onto the doors and they wanted a frost tinting film design that would give them privacy and character at the same time.

TintXperts designed the decorative film in a frost gradient pattern in order to maximize light while providing privacy to the interior office. We also incorporated their logo into the frost doors. The main lobby doors were designed with an extra double edge border around the doors for added character.

In the end, Winter Garden Smiles was very please with their Solar and Privacy Window Film as well as all of their decorative frost panels and doors.

If you are looking for a window tinting company in the Orlando, FL area that can help with your office or business, please contact us directly at (407) 714-0659. We’ll be happy to help you.

com frosted deco 17
Gradient Frost Window Film and Door with Logo
com interior 20
Custom Frost Gradient Deign Panel about to be installed
com interior 23
Frost Door with Logo included and double edge border.

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