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Overview of Decorative Films, LLC

Decorative Films, LLC, established in 1979 in Frederick, Maryland, is a leading manufacturer specializing in decorative privacy films. Initially serving the solar control window tinting industry, the company has evolved to produce a diverse range of window films.

Product Innovation and Range

Decorative Films offers an extensive selection of self-adhesive and static cling window films. Their products are available under various registered trademarks, including SOLYX®, SimGlas®, UltraCool®, UltraSafe®, UltraAuto®, and UltraGlare®. The company is recognized for its innovative product portfolio.

Global Network and Partnerships

The company’s global reach includes a network of over 2,850 dealers across the USA, along with major distributors in Europe, the Middle East, Italy, India, and Australia. Their strong partnerships and customer-focused approach have earned them a reputation for quality and innovation.

Recent Developments

In a strategic growth move, Decorative Films, LLC was added to the Appvion platform by Wynnchurch Capital’s portfolio company. This addition signifies a commitment to expanding their reach and enhancing product offerings.

TintXperts Collaboration

TintXperts is proud to be part of the expansive dealer network of Decorative Films, LLC. As a dealer, TintXperts offers the diverse range of Decorative Films’ products, catering to a variety of privacy and aesthetic needs for both commercial and residential applications

TintXperts offers many window tinting solutions for your Home or Business.
Our films are high performing and they look beautiful on the glass.
We carry many window tinting films that are suitable for single pane, dual pane, low-e, tempered and laminated windows.

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