The benefits of skylight solar window tinting film in Orlando, Florida

The modern solution for better solar insulation

There is no doubt that skylights will make your home lighter, brighter and more inviting. In Orlando, FL and many cities around the trouble comes when they are thermally inefficient, letting heat escape from your property and costing you money. You can also experience glare when the sun is high in the sky, making it difficult to see screens or watch television. Skylight window tinting film solves all these problems for you, offering better insulation and adding 30% more light than a window and bathing interiors with tremendous amounts of light, whilst reducing glare by up to 82%. It allows you to really make the most of your skylight.

In Windermere, Florida

Tinting skylights is the same process as installing window tint for buildings on standard windows. The window film is applied directly onto the surface and is designed to block the sun’s heat and light.

A local family asked for consultation and our profesional team install Skylight window tinting. Their rooms cool and comfortable, reduces glare and harsh reflections while not noticeably darkening your rooms.

Their master bedroom saw a heat reduction between 8-10 degrees.

After the tinting installation was completed, a local family was able to enjoy the warm light from their skylights without the extra added heat.

Hüper Optik Fusion Films

The benefits of skylight solar window tinting

  • Reduced glare
    Skylight window tinting can reduce glare by 82%, making it more comfortable in your home or office. Watch TV and look at computer screens with ease.

  • Better insulation
    Your temperature stays ambient all year round, with the film blocking 82% of heat and offering 33% thermal retention when needed.

  • Reduced energy bills
    With better thermal performance, you can rely less on heating or air conditioning. Solar window tinting film can reduce your energy bills.

  • No need for blinds
    When you have a skylight, it’s a shame to install blinds and block out light. Solar window tinting film lets you make the most of your additional natural light.

  • UV rejection
    Skylight window tinting filters out harmful UV rays, protecting you from 99% of them. Protect yourself and prevent your furniture from fading.

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