Frosted Glass vs. Frost Window Tinting Film

Privacy & Decorative Purpose

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How is frost window tinting film & frosted glass similar?

Both of these products are going to prevent people from seeing into or out of a building or home. The visual effect is also very similar with either option and they both have a clean and professional look that isn’t going to change the look of your space. In Orlando, Florida and cities around our customers are highly satisfied with the results because they are looking for a non-permanent way to increase privacy in both homes and offices.

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Frost window tinting film

Frosted window film is a type of window film that is installed directly onto a glass surface, typically for privacy or decorative purposes. Also it can easily be removed if need be with no damage to the glass surface. 

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Frosted glass

Frosted glass is a piece of glass that has either an internal texture or a frost inner layer. Unlike frosted window film, frosted glass is a permanent addition to the glass and can’t be reversed. Frosted glass is also typically used for privacy or decorative purposes.

Are frosted window film & frosted glass comparable in price?

Purchasing window film is more affordable than purchasing glass and when it comes to getting frosted glass installed, you need to replace the original piece of glass as well as the framing. Because of labor and other expenses, this can get expensive, quickly. With frosted window film, you are utilizing the same piece of glass and simply installing the technology on top of it.

In conclusion

  1. Frost window tinting film is easy and affordable

  2. One of the biggest benefits of frosted window film is it gives you the ability to be creative with your space and give it a custom look. Customers frequently install bands or stripes of frosted window film, which you couldn’t do with frosted glass.

  3. In Orlando, Florida, frosted window film is very popular among facility managers. The reason behind this is because they have a lot of occupancy turnover, resulting in re-branding. Frosted window film allows them that flexibility at a reasonable cost as opposed to replacing all the partition glass in the office.
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Frost Window Tinting Film – Provides daytime and night time privacy.

Here you have it … the biggest differences and similarities between frosted window film and frosted glass.
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