Home Window Tint in Winter Garden – Heat Rejection

The homeowner in Winter Garden worked with TintXperts to find the best plan of reducing the heat for his home.

 A local family in Winter Garden was looking for a home window tint solution to reduce the amount of heat coming through their windows.

After hearing about the problems they were having, TintXperts suggested Huper Optik Drei because it is one of the highest performing solar films on the market and it was the perfect solution.

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The house features a beautiful master suite that faces West with open views coming from their 4 oversized windows and also a bathroom with wide windows.

When it comes to fading from the sun, Huper Optik Drei is one of the most effective window films. Not only does it block 99.99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, but it also blocks 98% of infrared rays, which are the main source of solar heat.

Do not want to lose their lake beautiful view, was the next request


Keeping the natural light TintXperts offered Drei from Huper Optik, a non-reflective home window tint. TintXperts always was looking for solutions-oriented for the benefit of the homeowner.

With the beautiful lake view in Winter Garden that the owner wanted to maintaining and providing the best protection against the heat of sunlight, TintXperts met all customer expectations.

Now you can enjoy a much a fresh home environment inside with natural light and a non-reflective window tint (no drastic changes to your home’s exterior appearance).

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TintXperts installed Huper Optik Drei, significantly helped reduce heat and reduce glare. It is a window tint that blocks extreme heat and blocks 70% of the heat and 61% of the glare that enters through the windows.

Huper Optik Drei is a high-performance home window tint in Winter Garden and therefore slightly more expensive than some others. The price was worth it for this client because all of his problems were being solved and they were much more comfortable and happy in his home.

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