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Benefits of Ceramic Home Window Tint!

Solar control in residences is important for Orlando Florida homeowners, especially when their windows are oriented to the southwest where they receive a lot of sun throughout the day.

Some homeowners want to get UV protection while maintaining the aesthetics of their homes both inside and out. When making a decision, some people doubt what type of film to install in their homes because they want maximum effectiveness.

A local family in Orlando, Florida wanted to protect their new home from UV rays because they want a comfortable, cool environment that allows them to protect their furniture.

The house has multiple windows on both the first and second floors, so it is important to have good sun protection and heat rejection in all your rooms.

Family House in Orlando, Florida
Ceramic Film is essentially non-visible to the eye but gives great heat rejection.

A great balance for those who want a lot of light but yet have heat problem.

After analyzing this homeowner’s needs, TintXpert offered a perfect home window tint. It doesn’t block out too much natural light and neither has a mirror-like exterior appearance.

After showing the benefits this window tint could offer, homeowners chose a window tinting option from the Huper Optik line of ceramic home window tints. These films do not have metals so they are less reflective than traditional films.

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Huper Optik Ceramic 35 –

The shades offered by these window films have different shades of clarity ranging from 30% to 70% light transmission.TintXperts installed Huper Optik Ceramic 35, which lets in plenty of natural light while still rejecting 99.9% of UV light, 81% of infrared heat, and 65% of total heat (57% in double pane windows). This film has an exterior reflectivity of only 15% (16% in double pane windows) and does not have a mirror effect. Another benefit of ceramic home window tints is that they are 100% free of dyes and metals so they do not rust, corrode or change color.

If you are looking for a home window tint in Orlando, FL, TintXperts has many solutions and many options, including a wide array of Ceramic Films. Please contact us at (407) 714-0659 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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