Ceramic Window Tinting for Heat Reduction in Winter Garden, Florida

A local family from Winter Garden, Florida wanted to reduce the amount of heat their master bedroom receives during the day. The amount of heat and glare was making it uncomfortable to spend time in the room during a typical day in Florida.

Their main concern was to block the heat, reduce glare and protect their furniture, but they were worried that residential window film would make their room too dark and not let enough light in. After our consultation, they decided to install our Ceramic 45 film which blocks 60% of the sun’s heat including 99% of UV rays.

TintXperts completed the installation and when the family came back, they could not believe their windows had been tinted. Even though Ceramic 45 was installed in their windows, they could see just as much light coming thru their master bedroom.

One week later, we followed up with them and verified that they have a noticeable change in their’s room heat temperature and overall comfort.

To learn about Heat Reduction Window Film click here.

res interior 44
Huper Optik’s nano-ceramic technology allows for the highest heat rejection while letting the most amount of visible light through your windows.

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