Reunion Window Tinting Film Services

At Tint Xperts, we offer frosted, sun control, and heat reduction window tint solutions for both your commercial and residential buildings in Reunion. Window tinting is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits. 

You can keep your living or working space cooler and make it more private at the same time. Nobody can see into your place during daylight hours if your windows are tinted. 

It is a great solution to lower summer temperatures in Reunion because the film reflects quite a bit of the sun’s rays. Besides making your home or office more comfortable during the summer, it can also help reduce your air conditioning bills.

Since tinted windows can block out 99% of UV rays, which are responsible for the loss of color of furniture and fabrics over time, you can avoid such damage and keep your furniture and fabrics new for longer.

Another benefit of tinting your windows is the increased security because it takes extra time to shatter the glass because film helps keep shards of glass together.

Our catalog includes the top of the line brands like Xpel, Huper Optik, Edge, and Madico. Being the best firms in the film industry, we assure you that products will last for decades. As certified installers of the brands we manage, we provide a lifetime warranty for all our clients. 

Our high-quality window film solutions are made of innovative technology-based tint. They have been manufactured with a strong, scratch-resistant coating which makes them durable requiring almost no maintenance when installed.

Both interior and exterior window films will maintain their solar reflective properties, as well as their adhesive and protective capabilities, and they are never going to bubble, peel or crack.

Window Tinting in Reunion

Located within Four Courners in Osceola County, Reunion is a resort community that has been master planned to create an upscale vacation destination. Its wide offer of restaurants, leisure facilities, and theme parks make it the ideal place to keep your family entertained.

Stunning views and luxury custom homes together with the golf course and the 5-acre water park make of this the perfect place for turists but also for residents looking for a vibrant life. Summers in reunion are hot with highest temperatures at 91°F.

Our window tinting service is available in Reunion, being essential to retain cool air in summer reducing significantly cooling costs. Films provide increased insulation performance helping you save a lot of money on cooling and heating costs all year round; energy costs by up to 15%.

Window tinting films have been designed for heat rejection and they really help with glare reduction too. You can improve the comfort indoors, creating a nice environment to work or live in. 

We manage a wide range of light-diffusing window films that allow the light through and, at the same time, cut glare and protect your home, working space, and commercial office’s valuable furnishings.

Excellence in Customer Support

Before the installation, our customer service will support you through consultation and evaluation of the available options to help you make an informed final decision. We can assess you on what kind of window films to install according to your needs, preferences, and the use you are going to give to them. 

After the installation, we teach you how to preserve your window films by applying proper maintenance to ensure preservation. At Tint Xperts, we provide a lifetime warranty for all kinds of inside residential applications and a 15-year warranty for inside commercial applications.

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