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About Madico

Early Beginnings and Evolution

Madico’s journey began over 120 years ago with Hy-Sil, a Boston-based company. Initially focused on producing items such as leather greeting cards and printed gift wrap paper, Hy-Sil expanded into metallized products including ribbons and aluminum foil-laminated paper. This evolution marked the beginning of Madico’s path towards innovation in film products.

Transition to Technological Innovation

The transformation from Hy-Sil to Madico was a pivotal moment, as the company shifted its focus to advanced film technologies. Significant milestones include the first transparent reflective window film in 1948, the introduction of color in reflective films in 1974, and the development of scratch-resistant coating on films in 1978.

Advancements in the Window Film Industry

Throughout its history, Madico has consistently pioneered advancements in the window film industry. In 1979, they launched solar protection films for automotive and architectural applications, followed by anti-graffiti films in 1994. Their commitment to innovation is further exemplified by their extensive open-range blast testing conducted in 1999.

Product Diversification and Brand Evolution

Today, Madico offers a wide array of high-performance window films for various applications. Their product line includes Sunscape® architectural films, SafetyShield® safety and security films, Wincos® IR, Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic automotive films, and Protekt® automotive paint protection. This range highlights the company’s evolution from simple metallized products to complex, multi-layer tint films.

Commitment to Quality and Global Presence

Madico’s dedication to delivering high-quality film products is evident in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tampa Bay, Florida. Their global presence is supported by an extensive distributor network, ensuring their innovative products are accessible worldwide. The company’s success is underpinned by a commitment to research and development, enabling them to meet emerging market needs and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Core Values and Mission

Central to Madico’s ethos are their core values and mission, focusing on ethical business conduct, high-quality products and services, balanced partnerships, and continual improvement. This approach has not only fostered long-term relationships with stakeholders but has also set Madico apart in the competitive field of film products and solutions

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