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About Huper Optik

Huper Optik USA, a pioneer in nanoceramic window films, combines advanced technology with a commitment to sustainability. Their innovative products are a result of German engineering and technological breakthroughs in ceramic nano-technology. This technology provides superior performance in solar control, enhancing energy efficiency, UV protection, and reducing heat transmission without compromising visibility. Their history reflects a focus on constant improvement and environmental consciousness, aiming to reduce carbon footprint and improve energy management in buildings and vehicles. For a more detailed exploration of their history and technological advancements, you can visit their website.

Company Overview

Founded in 1998, Huper Optik USA emerged as a leader in nanoceramic window film technology, driven by the goal to offer energy-efficient solutions that protect against harmful UV rays while advocating for environmental sustainability.

Rapid Expansion and Environmental Impact

In their first decade, their groundbreaking nanotechnology in window film has reached an impressive scale, covering over 2.5 million square feet of glass across the Americas. Additionally, they significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 100 million metric tons.

Innovative Technology and Safety Enhancement

Their technological innovation, a patented dual-layer nano-ceramic stack, marked a significant advancement in the industry. This development, aimed at minimizing visible reflection prevalent in traditional metallised films, enhances driver safety.

Quality Assurance and Industry Recognition

The assurance in their product quality is evident in the 10-year warranty they provide for these films. The company’s dedication to excellence has not only attracted prestigious automotive brands as clients but also earned them recognition in green building development through certifications like US NFRC and LEEDS accreditation.

Roots of Technological Development

The roots of Huper Optik’s technology trace back to 1994, when the company embarked on a mission to overcome the limitations of then-existing dyed and metallised films, notorious for their low heat rejection and signal interference issues.

Collaboration and Discovery

In partnership with Germany’s Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institute and Singapore’s PSB Corporation, they initiated a rigorous research and development process. This collaboration led to the discovery of advanced nano-ceramics, materials inspired by race car technology and NASA’s space shuttles, known for their exceptional heat rejection properties.

Manufacturing Process and Product Efficiency

Huper Optik then applied a complex “sputtering” manufacturing process to create Titanium Nitride (TiN) based window films, achieving a heat rejection capacity of up to 96 percent of infrared solar energy, a substantial improvement over the dyed or metallised films of that time.

Global Presence and Commitment to Excellence

This commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and quality has established Huper Optik as a pioneer in the nanoceramic window film industry, with a robust global presence supported by widespread distribution and a network of dealers.


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