Window Tinting for Heat Reduction in Orlando, Florida

TintXperts specializes in residential and commercial window tinting in the Orlando, Fl area. We offer various types of films, although we highly recommend Huper Optik Window Tinting Films. Huper Optik Ceramic Films are 100% dye and metal free. These ceramic films provide the most natural view out, come with a Lifetime Warranty and you do not have to worry about fading or film corrosion over time.

The owners of this beautiful lake house in Orlando, Florida installed window tinting ceramic 50. The goal of the owner was to dramatically reduce heat inside the home while keeping a natural view when looking out.

One of their main concerns was to avoid making their house any darker. Huper Optik Window Tinting Ceramic 50 is a dual layer window film that provides 68% of Solar Infrared Rejection while allowing for the maximum amount of natural light through.

In the end, the owners of this Orlando Home were able to significantly reduce the amount of heat coming through their windows without compromising on the natural light and lake view.

Huper Optik’s nano-ceramic technology allows for the highest heat rejection while letting the most amount of visible light through your windows. *
Huper Optik Ceramic 50 provides 68% of Solar Infrared Rejection!
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Natural views looking out. Maximum amount of light. All panels have tint.
Left and Middle Panel have Tint. Huper Ceramic 50 – Natural Views Looking Out and Maximum amount of light. Right Panel has Clear Glass.

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