Solar Window Tinting in Orlando, FL

Why do we need it?

It is evident that the sun is an essential part of human life on earth. The sun is the foremost source of heat and light and allows living things to thrive and survive.

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Most homeowners in the Orlando, FL love the windows in their home because they bring in useful natural light. At the same time, we love the outside view and views that we get from our windows. Unfortunately, for many months during the year we are subject to extreme sunlight that is accountable for unbearable heat, hot rooms, fading of furnishings and sometimes even skin problems.

TintXperts has found an effective solution for enjoying nature’s gifts while bypassing their harmful effects.

The technology has been able to provide us a concrete solution – Solar Window Tinting Film.


5 more benefits

Not only do solar window tinting films keep away the negative effects of sunlight, they will also enhance the aesthetics of your glass! Sounding good so far? Let’s keep going! There are a few other things solar window film have done for many families and homeowners in Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden and many other cities around Central Florida.

  1. Keep Scorching Heat at Bay:
    As a straightforward solution to reflect away most of the heat from the sun and to protect your interiors from gaining heat build-up.

  2. Remains Protected From UV and UVB Radiations:
    Block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful radiations, prevent various skin diseases and skin aging.

  3. Offers Utmost Protection from Glare:
    We can cut off glare and reduce eye strain and fatigue for effortless reading, TV watching and other jobs.

  4. Protect Your Furnishing from Fading:
    This can be avoided by simply installing solar film for windows, protecting your valuables in the same way sunscreen protects your skin.

  5. Reduce Your Energy Bills:
    You can effectively get rid of excessive heat levels and reduce your energy expenditure on air conditioning systems. Our customer have saved up to 32% on their electric bill after installing solar window film in their homes.

Our customers are amazed with the benefits of having solar window tinting film installed in their homes. They live in cities were the sun shines almost the entire year, such as Clermont, Winter Garden, Windermere and many other cities around Central Florida.

TintXperts professionals have access to a wide variety of premium solar window film to provide solutions for many applications and situations.

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