Privacy Window Tinting for Barber Shop in Clermont, Florida

A new barber shop coming to Clermont Florida wanted to provide privacy to their employees and customers. The owner was looking for a commercial window tinting / film solution that would work well with their existing gray tinted glass. They also wanted to reduce their A/C consumption.

What is tinted glass? Tinted glass is not a surface window film!
Tinted glass is made by adding color pigments to the raw materials in the glass making process. Standard colors include bronze, gray, green, blue and others. The color density is a function of thickness, as the glass gets thicker the density of the color increases and the amount light transmittance decreases (*).

The barber shop decided to install Huper Optik’s dual reflective window film (Fusion Series). This window tint pairs extremely well with gray glass, allowing for enhanced privacy and increased heat rejection.

If you are looking for a window tinting company in the Clermont, FL area, TintXperts offers superior window tinting solutions for daytime privacy, heat rejection, UV protection, decorative films and more.


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Side by Side Comparison
Huper Optik Dual Reflective Film (Right) vs. Natural Tinted Glass (Left).

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