Commercial Window Tint in Clermont, FL – Candy Store

There are many benefits to commercial window tinting for business owners who are looking for a solution to reduce unwanted heat. The owner of a Candy and Popcorn Store in Clermont, FL was looking for a commercial window tint solution to help with heat rejection and prevent her store candy from melting.

The owner of this Candy Store in Clermont had recently relocated her business to a new storefront plaza and noticed how during the afternoon sun, the candy and popcorn towards the front of the store would suffer from the extra heat coming through the windows.

In addition to heat rejection, the owners were looking for a commercial window tint that wouldn’t be too dark because they wanted to have natural light. They also wanted their customers to be able to see inside and did not want a reflective or shiny film.

Commercial Window Tint in Clermont, Florida (Before Picture)

com belindacandyshop2
Before Picture. No panels have tint.

After our initial consultation and after going through a few options, the owner decided to install commercial window tint Ceramic 35 from Huper Optik.

Huper Optik Ceramic 35 is a ceramic window film that does not have any metals or dyes in the construction of the film. Ceramic 35 allows for plenty of natural light to pass though while still rejecting 99% of UV rays, 81% of infrared heat, and 65% of total heat. This commercial window tint film has an exterior reflectivity of only 15%, which is significantly less reflective than traditional silver or dual reflective films that tend to create a mirror effect during the day.

Heat Rejection to protect all the products that are close to the front windows.

com belindacandyshop

After our installation was completed, the Candy Store owner was really happy with the performance and overall exterior appearance of the commercial window tint. The picture below shows the entire front store with all panels tinted. The candy store windows do not have a silver or shiny appearance and customers are still able to see inside the store. In addition to that, the candy and products towards the front of the store are not protected from the heat.

Commercial Window Tint – Clermont, FL – Candy Store

com belindacandyshop3
Installation Complete. All panes have window tint applied.

If you are looking for a commercial window tint in the Clermont area, TintXperts has many solutions and a wide variety of commercial window tint films, depending on the application and overall appearance you wish to have. Please contact us at (407) 714-0659 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Huper Optik Ceramic 35: Nano-Ceramic

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