Benefits of Window Tinting for Dental Offices in Orlando, FL

After completing the window tinting of one of the main dental offices in Orlando, FL, it was possible to reduce the heat inside the building and, at the same time, provide absolute privacy in all the rooms with street views, improving the aesthetics of the space.

Storefront view of the building after tint

com exterior 09
The exterior has now a black matte exterior appearance.

Lake Nona Dental Group has recently opened its new facilities in a first-class building in Saint Cloud, where most of the perimeter has windows, providing a great luminosity with a modern touch.

Access to natural light is a valuable feature for any building, but getting direct sun all day in a city like Orlando, where summer temperatures can reach up to 91 degrees, makes it mandatory to find a window tinting solution.

In this case, much of the patient care took place in street view rooms, leaving other two important issues to be addressed: privacy and the intense glare that affected the comfort of patients while being treated.

Patient’s care room view from the inside after tint

com interior 17
The tinting solution reduced the heat and the glare giving privacy at the same time.

“After consulting with different providers, we decided to hire Tint Xperts to complete the whole tinting for both the interior and exterior windows at our new facilities in St. Cloud. They advised us on which solution was the most convenient according to our needs and they carried out an outstanding job. Today, we are enjoying the huge benefits of window tinting and have considerably improved the aesthetics of interior offices”, states Andreina, Office Manager at Lake Nona Dental Group.

The client’s needs were clear: reduce the heat inside the building, reduce the glare and have privacy. All this with an exterior film that didn’t look silver. Moreover, for the interior consulting rooms they wanted to resolve the privacy issue in a decorative and modern way that matched the rest of the building style.

Interior windows after tint

com frosted deco 15
Decorative window tinting at the interior windows provided privacy with a modern touch.

After Tint Xperts’ consultation and the evaluation of several options, they decided to install XPEL Dark Neutral 15. This product has been designed to provide heat and glare reduction while guaranteeing privacy without the reflective silver look of regular metal films.

Window tinting resolved all the problems. Total heat was reduced by 70% and glare by 89%, blocking 99% of UV rays and, at the same time, providing extreme privacy and comfort on the inside. The very low interior reflection also allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful views of the area surrounding the building at all times of the day. All this with a black matte exterior appearance. 

Doctors and staff are deeply satisfied with the new aesthetics of their new Orlando dental office and they are happy to be working in a cooler and more comfortable place.

If you are looking for commercial window tinting for your business or dental office in the Orlando area, TintXperts has many solutions and a wide variety of window films for many types of applications. Please contact us at (407) 714-0659 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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