Casper Cloaking Technology vs. Frost Window Film

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Choosing the Right Window Film: Casper Cloaking vs. Frost Window Film In the realm of office privacy solutions, two popular choices stand out: Casper Cloaking Films and Frost Window Film. Both offer distinct advantages, catering to different needs within modern workspaces. Let’s explore the benefits of each and understand why companies might lean towards one […]

Does House Window Tinting Work?

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Residential window tinting has become a very popular option in Orlando, Florida when it comes to reducing heat, saving on electricity bills, and even gaining some privacy from the outside. But, does house window tinting work? What should you take into account to avoid making mistakes when tinting your windows at home? House window tinting […]

Daytime Privacy Window Tint for Houses in Winter Garden, FL

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The installation of privacy window tint on a family house in Winter Garden, FL, provided all the privacy they needed during the day allowing the sunlight to come in, but still having enough intimacy in a neighborhood where houses are very close together. External view of the back window of the house Located west of […]

Benefits of Window Tinting for Dental Offices in Orlando, FL

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After completing the window tinting of one of the main dental offices in Orlando, FL, it was possible to reduce the heat inside the building and, at the same time, provide absolute privacy in all the rooms with street views, improving the aesthetics of the space. Storefront view of the building after tint Lake Nona […]

Commercial Window Tint in Orlando – Storefront

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There are many benefits to commercial window tinting! The office manager of this business in Orlando, Florida, was looking for a commercial window tint solution for their office lobby in order to help with daytime privacy and heat reduction. The front lobby gets direct sunlight during the morning, making the entire area uncomfortable for both […]

Commercial Window Tint in Clermont, FL – Candy Store

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There are many benefits to commercial window tinting for business owners who are looking for a solution to reduce unwanted heat. The owner of a Candy and Popcorn Store in Clermont, FL was looking for a commercial window tint solution to help with heat rejection and prevent her store candy from melting. The owner of […]

House Window Tint in Windermere – Heat Rejection and Privacy


Benefits of House Window Tinting This is the dual-layered tint, constructed to help reduce glare while making the interior less reflective. It provides better exterior privacy but at the same time a low interior reflection There are many benefits of house window tint dual-reflective include, include IR heat reduction, eye comfort, UV protection, aesthetics, and […]

Home Window Tint in Orlando, Florida – Heat Rejection


Benefits of Ceramic Home Window Tint! Solar control in residences is important for Orlando Florida homeowners, especially when their windows are oriented to the southwest where they receive a lot of sun throughout the day. Some homeowners want to get UV protection while maintaining the aesthetics of their homes both inside and out. When making […]

Home Window Tint in Winter Garden – Heat Rejection

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The homeowner in Winter Garden worked with TintXperts to find the best plan of reducing the heat for his home.  A local family in Winter Garden was looking for a home window tint solution to reduce the amount of heat coming through their windows. After hearing about the problems they were having, TintXperts suggested Huper […]

Tinting the Windows at Your Business Office in Orlando FL


Benefits by Tinting the Windows at Your Business Office Well did you know that you can get more than 5 benefits by tinting the windows at your business? 1. Lower Energy Costs Window tinting reduce heat loss through windows by improving glass insulating performance as much as 92%. In warmer climates, window tinting reduces cooling […]