Benefits of residential Ceramic Window Tinting in Windermere, Florida

A repeat customer from Windermere, Florida was looking for a solution to reduce the amount of heat in their home.

Their main concern was to block the heat without impacting the light coming through the windows. The house features 6 sliding doors in the back porch with views to their backyard. They wanted to reject the heat without making their rooms darker. After the initial consultation, they decided to install Huper Optik’s solar ceramic window tinting which blocks 60% of the sun’s heat, 76% infrared and 99% of UV rays.

There are many benefits to ceramic window tinting for your house. Huper Optik’s ceramic window tint allows for the most amount of visible light through your windows, it has a very low reflectivity (12%) and provides a natural tone looking out. Residential ceramic window tinting will make your rooms cooler without changing your views and without altering the exterior appearance of you windows!

Residential ceramic window tinting is a great choice when HOA restricted communities do not allow for shiny or silver window tinting because ceramic window tinting does not have any dyes or metal, therefore it has a very low exterior reflectivity and its not shiny or silver.

If you are looking for a residential window tinting company in Windermere, FL, Tintxperts have many solutions to make your space more comfortable. Call or text us for your free consultation at (407) 714-0659.

Huper Optik’s nano-ceramic technology allows for the highest heat rejection while letting the most amount of visible light through your windows.
Left Two Panels have Ceramic Tint – Right Panels have clear glass.
RIGHT Panel has Ceramic Film – LEFT Panel is clear glass.
All panels have Ceramic Film.
ALL 3 LEFT Panels have Ceramic film – 4th Panel on the RIGHT has Clear Glass.

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