The installation of privacy window tint on a family house in Winter Garden, FL, provided all the privacy they needed during the day allowing the sunlight to come in, but still having enough intimacy in a neighborhood where houses are very close together.

External view of the back window of the house

Located west of Orlando alongside lovely Lake Apopka, Winter Garden is known for its old Florida style, charm and wealth of both historical and natural assets that honor its slogan, “Where good things grow”.

Some neighborhoods in Winter Garden, FL, have been built on smaller lots, where modern houses often have large sliding doors in the back to ensure they receive the most natural light during the day. 

Since the houses have been built too close together, sometimes residents feel they have several neighbors behind their homes taking away the privacy and security they want and need. They are no longer feeling comfortable in their own space.

This feeling was precisely what led Dee Erwin to consult us. He was looking for a solution to provide him and his family with daytime privacy but, at the same time, to allow them to keep the sliding door blinds open. Every day, they kept the blinds closed all the time blocking the access of light because he was always afraid people would see inside their house.

Among all the privacy window tint solutions available in the market, we decided that XPEL Evening View 25 was the perfect fit for this case. With a high exterior reflectivity of 27%, this product creates a one-way mirror look that gives you privacy during the day. In other words, you can see outside clearly, but people outside cannot see inside because of the lower interior reflectivity (13%).

res exterior 19
The film reflects the outside but people can’t see inside.

Internal view of the back window

“TintXperts did an amazing quality work which looks really fabulous! They worked with professionalism and punctuality. We can now leave our blinds open during the day and still have privacy. Also, cuts down on the heat, which in turn saves on our electric bill. Win-win all around”, remarks Dee Erwin, the homeowner.

Besides protecting this house from the outside world in this Winter Garden neighborhood, Evening View 25 provides 61% of total heat rejection reducing glare by 69% and blocking 99% of UV rays. 

As a result, the use of this privacy window tint allowed our client to keep intimacy indoors during the day while creating a more comfortable environment indoors with less heat, lower sun glare, and a significant reduction in electricity consumption. It is worth clarifying that the effect goes away at night, when lights are on inside the house but closing the blinds is no longer an issue without sunlight.

If you’re looking for privacy window tint for your house in Winter Garden, contact TintXperts today for a free estimate at (407) 714-0659 and we’ll be happy to help you.

res interior 37
The film allows seeing outside, filtering most of the glare and heat.

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